EBS to Cloud

Are you ready to Soar to the Cloud?

In its time, EBS was the premier enterprise software solution for organizations of various sizes. It is still running in many Fortune 1000 companies today. However, advancements in technology have disrupted the technology and introduced us to the next wave of modern applications, CLOUD computing. Natively built on the cloud with over a decade of innovation, Oracle Cloud Applications offer a complete portfolio for the modern business landscape.

The Time to Switch is now!!!

E-Business Suite 12.1 & 12.2 support ends in 2021 & 2030 respectively, with no announcement for releases after 12.2

High Maintenance cost owing to onpremise setup

Manual, lengthy and cumbersome upgrades

Embedded advanced technology and scope of Innovation

Traditional User Interface

How the Cloud can Help?

Keep up with the accelarating pace of innovation

Respond to market changes quickly

Reduce IT and infrastructure costs sizeably

Regular technology updates

Highly scalable and secure

Increased flexibility & collaboration

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