Increasing User Adoption Through Camptra Cloud Wiki

Increasing User Adoption Through Camptra Cloud Wiki

I remember the good old days working in HR as a system administrator and we were looking into new HRIS systems. We were excited that we found “the one.” The system met all our needs for HCM and ERP. We were excited to meet with our System Implementer and start the implementation planning process.

During the implementation process, I had a moment of deep concern. I was a semi tech-savvy person and so was everyone on our implementation team. However, this was not the case for our end users. Our employees, who will be expected to enter their timesheets, absences, benefits, etc. directly into the system may not be as comfortable with technology, let alone new technology. Their pay and benefits were now dependent on their ability to adapt to this new technology.

Naturally, my concern was confirmed by the end users and in turn, we developed a training plan. But was it enough? From go live and through the first year, it proved to not be enough. For our end users to adopt a new technology, they need to feel comfortable within the application. The pdf job aids were okay for a few employees, but it certainly wasn’t a “one size fits all” solution. It wasn’t a great solution for me either; every quarterly update I was spending lots of time updating these job aids that I had a suspicion weren’t being used. I was receiving hundreds of calls and emails a week from employees needing help.

We also hired a ton of people at the beginning of each semester. How do we train these new hires? The truth is, there was no continuous training in place and the new hires were being referred to the job aids and it seems, it was easier to call HR for help then review a pdf training aid; so, the high volume of calls increased, and my workload continued to grow. We needed a better solution. What was the answer?

Fast forward 6 months. I was nervous but so excited to join a startup company that was originally founded as a training company but developed into an Oracle partner that also offered managed services (among many other services). The individuals that founded and worked for this company were experts in this industry and I wanted to be a part of that. Thankfully, I was hired to work with Camptra Technologies to assist with the development of their Oracle training solution.  This team develops the content for our Learning Management System as well as the in-application self-help. After a few short months, I had a moment of sudden realization. I realized what was missing during my prior organizations go live: In-application self-help.

Fast forward 6 more months. After developing in-application self-help/training content for our customers, I saw their employees feeling comfortable and successful from the first day of their Oracle Cloud Go live due to the enhanced user experience with interactive walk-throughs of the application and a personalized onboarding experience. Our customers and their employees are using the Camptra Cloud Wiki (the in-application self-help) daily to accomplish everything they need to within the Oracle Cloud application. Employees are engaged and they’re embracing this new technology without pdf job aids, lecturer style training, and the calls to the HR and IT teams have significantly decreased.  I’m seeing employees adopting to Oracle HCM & ERP Cloud because end users feel assured help is where they need it, when they need it.

For more information on how we can help with your organization’s user adoption needs for an upcoming Oracle Go live or to increase Oracle Cloud user adoption post Go live, contact us at [email protected]

Author – Megan Ketter

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