Telecommunications and Utilities

Telecommunications and Utilities

In the Telecom and Utilities industry, a large change is occurring. Infrastructure is being modernized for the consumers and finally legacy on premises and mainframe systems are starting to become modernized. In order to keep up with the competitive landscape, comply with governement regulations, and attract and retain talent, an integrated HR and Payroll system is a necessity. The Oracle HCM Cloud solution will provide immediate benefits to improve visibility into headcount changes, career and succession planning and faster time to hire.
Employees in the field will gain immediate and easy access to their personal data through the use of the mobile platform and managers will have greater insight into their employees in all critical areas such as overtime trends, absenteeism, compensation planning and performance reviews. Included in the Oracle HCM solution are several key reports which will help managers spot absenteeism trends, payroll anomolies, and increase retention of key employees in their departments.
Camptra Technologies has found that most manual processes have been automated and broken processes are easily streamlined once the Oracle HCM Cloud solution is implemented.

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