Our Approach

Camptra Way

Camptra Way adopts a fully agile methodology adapted from values and principles of the Agile Manifesto for Oracle Cloud. Our agile approach allows us to deliver the highest quality in a shorter time, eliminate non-productive tasks, provide better project management, design a scalable solution that makes it easy for future expansion, reduce overall project risk.

  • Customer Centric
    • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we work closely with all our clients to ensure that they get the best value from their ERP implementation.
  • Collaborate
    • Each engagement is an opportunity to collaborate with our clients and understand the uniqueness of their business.
    • Clients benefit from our cross-industry experience as we suggest best practices to improve their business processes.

    • Responsive and not Reactive
      • We understand how a small problem can affect the business. When such a problem is reported, our focus remains on how to assist the business to navigate the challenge and our clients love that about us.
    • Award Winning Project Management
      • We make the project management process as efficient as possible allowing us to streamline our project execution steps.
    • 75 years of combined Oracle Experience
      • Our consultants have extensive experience in Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud.
      • 30+ combined Cloud Implementation experience