Game Changing solution for User Readiness

    • Are your employees struggling to use your Cloud software after it goes live? 
    • Are they making frequent mistakes that you need to fix?
    • Are you spending money on consultants to help out with even the most basic processes?
    • Are your HR specialists fed up of receiving query mails about the simplest transactions?
    • Is the prospect of employee self-service a nightmare for you?
    • Do you wish you had paid better attention during the Cloud training sessions?


    If problems like these are causing you headaches, we have the cure – Camptra Cloud Wiki. A game-changer in Cloud user adoption, this solution features guided navigation and explanatory videos to help your users at every step so that they can complete transactions without a hitch.

The main features of Camptra Cloud Wiki include:

    • Guided navigation for each step of every process.
    • Videos to explain the choices available on each page
    • Automatic content updates based on the release of Oracle upgrades


pre-built instructional videos with a target of 1000 by the end of 2021

Camptra Cloud Wiki Features

Wiki Widget

Multi-Language Support

Role Based Content Access

Beacons & Help Tips

Custom Onboarding Experience

Task Lists

Embed Rich Media Including Images & Videos

Custom Business Specific Content

InApplication Chart & Helpdesk Tickets

Field Entry Validation

Collect User Feedback

Usage Analytics

Instantly Generate PDF Guides

Scorm Complaint Content