Open Enrollment Support

Open Enrollment Support

We’re Here to Help Your HR Team!

We are glad you’re here. If you are reading this today, you are probably an HR team member and are involved in the Benefits Open Enrollment process for your organization. We have been there. We understand how you feel during this busy, and sometimes overwhelming time.

Want the good news? We have a team of experts who have worked as clients and can help you every step of the way; through planning, running, and successfully completing open enrollment, we offer best practice solutions for your team and per diem support. We also have some cool things we’ve created; we aren’t showing off 😉 we’re just industry experts who are passionate about your success. It’s okay to make work fun, right? It certainly is, especially if you enjoy helping people and that’s what we do at Camptra Technologies.

How we beat the competition?

Consider us an extension of your team

  • Better Reporting
  • Better Auditing
  • Better Training
  • Always up-to-date with the latest from Oracle
  • Some of the best brains of the industry
  • Better employee experience
  • 30+ open enrollment support experience

Watch the video to experience the CamptraTech difference

Supporting your Benefits Admin Team

Let’s discuss how we support the Administrative Planning Process. A few key services we offer are:

  • Mobile Responsive Testing: We ensure the mobile responsive experience is the same for all users on any device.
  • Staff Augmentation: We’re an extension of your team; we’re here when you need us. With over 30 successful client open enrollments under our belt, our up-to-date, creative solutions will meet your organization’s ever-changing needs. For example, if you need help updating your plan rates, we’re here to help you through this process.
  • Validation Services:
    • Custom Open Enrollment Audit Report
    • Vendor EDI File Assistance
    • Daily Audit Report
    • Creation of Interactive Dashboards
    • Review of Fast Formulas & Eligibility Rules

The Best Possible Employee Experience

  • Camptra Cloud Wiki: We’ve developed a solution to assist employees with enrolling in the application.
  • One-Click Employee Benefits Summary: This allows employees to use Oracle Cloud for all their needs. By clicking the “my benefits summary app” they can view their current enrollments in one simple click.
  • One-Click Company Benefits Portal: Being able to direct employees to the application for all their benefits needs is a huge time saver. By clicking the “company benefits portal app” employees will be directed to their company benefits portal. This is very convenient.
  • Plan Comparison Tool: Introduced in 21B, this is a new and popular feature requested by Cloud Users. Oracle is listening to their customers and developed this tool. Our team of experts keep up to date on the latest Oracle delivered products to best serve our clients. We also let our clients know of the new features and the valuable functionality of the latest tools from Oracle prior to the quarterly releases.
  • In Application Role-Based Plan Documents: Our team of experts can place the plan documents within the application on the enrollment screen containing the coverage for specific employees based on their role and eligibility. Employees will only see what is applicable to their role and assignment category.
  • Configurable Alerts & Notifications: We can configure alerts to announce open enrollment, remind employees that open enrollment is underway, remind employees that open enrollment is closing, and notify employees that their enrollments have been submitted and confirmed.

If your organization is interested in expanding your support during open enrollment, please contact us to support your Oracle Cloud Open Enrollment experience.

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