Element Entry Using HCM Spreadsheet Loader (HSDL)

Element Entry Using HCM Spreadsheet Loader (HSDL)

As we know that Oracle has announced that Payroll Batch Loader (PBL) will be deprecated by Release 20D. And for customers who are getting their environments provisioned now won’t even have PBL enabled. That means clients should get ready to migrate their PBL solutions to either HCM Data Loader (HDL) or HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (HSDL). HSDL is a great alternative as it used the same excel based UI to load element entries. The video below will show the process to configure the HSDL template for one of the much-needed element entry load processes.

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  1. Nice and helping video, can you make and upload video how to update element entry Values, which is required to updated new salaries at yearly increment time.


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