COVID-19 Related Tracking and Reporting in Oracle HCM Cloud

COVID-19 Related Tracking and Reporting in Oracle HCM Cloud

How an Organization can use Oracle HCM Cloud to Monitor COVID-19 vaccination statuses for employees in Oracle HCM Cloud
Organizations can create a simple checklist within Journeys (Oracle’s new tool that uses checklist tasks to enhance employee experiences) for new and existing employees that contains a questionnaire with various vaccination related questions. Questionnaires containing a COVID-19 Vaccine Survey can be included in a New Hire Journey for new employees and added to a Journey for existing employees.  To enable a rapid deployment of this Journey, the existing employee population can be mass assigned this Journey.

How Employees Self-Report Exposure or Positive Cases of COVID-19

First, an employee can report an incident through Oracle Health & Safety within Oracle HCM Cloud. Similar to the above, Organizations can create a simple Journey for existing employees that contains questionnaires with various COVID-19 related questions.  

Actions can be triggered and will be associated to the Journey which will enable automatic allocation based on the reported incident type.  Additional tasks such as “Entering an Absence Request” can also be associated to the Journey to further enhance the overall process.

How An Organization Can Report on COVID-19 Related Illnesses and Vaccination Statuses

Oracle HCM Cloud contains robust reporting through Business Intelligence. A customer favorite is the Infolet capability. Infolets contains a visual that represents report data in the form of a bar chart, graph, etc. Organizations can quickly and easily view high level report data at a glance. Organizations can create reports to easily retrieve system data from the COVID-19 Vaccine Survey or the COVID-19 Positive Case or Exposure Survey. Camptra Technologies has created custom reports to assist organizations with easily accessing COVID-19 related information.

For more information about how Camptra Technologies can assist your organization with COVID-19 related tracking and reporting, reach out to us here.

This information provided by your employees is secure and confidential. Security will be thoroughly evaluated and tested prior to the implementation of this process in Oracle Cloud HCM.

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